why breastfeeding is best for mom

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We have all heard the “breast is best” argument for baby, and every mom has their own opinions on that, but what about mom? Is breastfeeding the best thing for you as a mom?

I am aware that not everyone can breastfeed – please keep in mind this whole post is explaining the reasons I chose to breastfeed – I am pro choice when it comes to this topic!

Breastfeeding for mom Not baby
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I couldn’t have been happier with my decision to breastfeed but honestly my baby wasn’t the only reason I chose to embark on my breast feeding journey. It was much more than that for me. In fact I chose breastfeeding because I was thinking of me. I was being selfish and wanted to take advantage of its benefits.

This post will tell you all the reasons that I selfishly chose to breastfeed that had NOTHING to do with the benefits for my baby. If your on the fence about whether or not to breastfeed maybe this will help you make your decision!

Important reasons to breastfeed for mom

Weight loss

Breastfeeding burns MAJOR calories which in turn helps to shed that baby weight. This was a major pro for me when deciding if I wanted to breastfeed or not.When I got pregnant, I knew I didn’t want to keep the baby weight on. I also knew the likelihood of me having the time to exercise like I used to (which if I am being honest was already basically never) would be nearly impossible while trying to figure out my new role as a mother.

This is not body shaming anyone so get that right out of your head. I am proud of my body, as all women should be. Proud of the wider hips, my mommy tummy, the stretchmarks on my thighs. Proud of my strength to overcome, learn and adapt. I am proud to be a mom. I think pregnant women are just so beautiful, and its such a miracle that our bodies can stretch and change to grow our babies. But what I was left with after pregnancy I didn’t like.

But with so many changes involved with becoming a mom, I wanted to feel like my old self again. I wanted to get back to wearing the clothes I used to love before being pregnant. I wanted to get my sense of identity back that was somehow lost when I became pregnant and then again when I had my baby.

So I chose breastfeeding to help me get back to the weight I wanted to be at, and it worked well for me!

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Health Benefits

Yes breastfeeding has many health benefits for baby but did you know it also has health benefits for mom too?

Breastfeeding lowers your risk for developing breast and ovarian cancer. It also lowers your risk of developing type two diabetes.

After birth, breastfeeding will also help your uterus shrink down to its pre-pregnancy size – what I didn’t know is that this also causes labour like contractions for the first 48 hours, OUCH! 

Being a nurse has made me a bit of a hypochondriac at times, so anything I can do to prevent any sort of disease I’m usually down for as long as it is backed up by science.

breastfeeding for mom not baby

Its Free

My husband told me that I shouldn’t include this on here because it made me sound heartless. But I like to keep it real and this was one of the major factors I actually did consider when trying to decide to breastfeed.

Nothing about having a baby is cheap. For such tiny little humans they come with a pretty hefty financial commitment. And well my breast milk is free. Sure I needed some breastfeeding supplies to get me started but that cost was nothing compared to the cost of formula for a year.

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This allowed us to use the money we would have used on formula to instead create a savings account for our daughters education. So not only were we not spending money on formula, we were actually saving that same money for her! That’s a win- win in my books.

It is Convenient

I know what you are thinking – “How is having a kid stuck on your boob for hours at a time convenient”? Well, no matter what method you choose to feed your baby – breastfeeding, pumping, bottle feeding – they are all extremely time consuming, especially in the beginning when your baby eats around the clock. So the time spent breastfeeding wasn’t really a negative factor for me.

BUT, the ability to just whip out my boob and have perfectly warm milk on demand for my baby was awesome, especially in the middle of the night when I was exhausted. I would just reach over, pick up my daughter and put her on the boob. I got to stay nice and toasty in bed. Maybe I am just lazy, but when your tired saving those 5 minutes by not having to make a bottle is a life changing thing.

More time with my baby

This is probably the most selfish reason on the list! I knew if I breastfed I would get a lot more one on one time with my baby. Sure, you can do this when you bottle feed, but you can also share that responsibility with a spouse or family who want to help out – if you want too. Breastfeeding allowed me to say “hey, give me my baby she needs to eat” and no one could argue with me because I was the milk machine.

Those moments alone bonding with my daughter were huge for me, I can still picture her little face looking up at me happily smiling after unlatching with a belly full of milk. I wouldn’t change those moments for the world.

So there you have it, 5 reasons why I selfishly chose breastfeeding for me!

What made you choose breastfeeding? Was it only for the benefits for your baby or did you also make the choice for you? Id love to hear more about your breastfeeding journey in the comments!


  • What a great post! And I don’t think it’s selfish at all! You do the best for YOU so you can be a better mom for your baby! (Plus, I 100% agree with all of your reasons!)

  • I chose it because I wanted the bond and the nutrients for him. I had to supplement when we went out (couldn’t do it in public) but that’s ok!

  • My relationship with breastfeeding was so complex. I hated it – all 4 times. I did it with all my babies but it never got easier.

    • Breastfeeding places so much on mom it isn’t always a positive experience. I actually want to do a post on the other spectrum of things: why i hated breastfeeding but did it anyway. I think its important for women to know its okay to not love it.

  • There are so many great benefits! I ended up mostly pumping, but that worked out well, and I still got the benefits of nursing.

  • I am pro both breast and bottle. But, for me personally…I absolutely hated breastfeeding. I tried it with both my kids coz I wanted to do the right thing but it wasn’t for me and neither of my kids really got much satisfaction out of it…and I ALWAYS had to give them full bottles so clearly I wasn’t producing nearly enough for their huge appetites. My kids and i just bonded so well with bottle feeds…we were just super happy and relaxed that way. And of course I had major mum guilt when i no longer tried to push through…

    • Don’t feel guilty mama! A fed baby is all that matters. How they get fed is just a minor detail in the end. Your doing great!

  • What a great post. This couldn’t be more true. I’ve never toke that into consideration. I definitely felt guilty when I couldn’t finish breastfeeding my daughter, but hey at least still got feed. That’s all that matters.

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