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There is nothing harder as a mother than watching your children be sick. It is such an awful experience for them and watching it happen weighs so heavily on your heart. I would give anything to be able to take away all of my daughters hardships and just make her feel better. Unlimited snuggles, hugs and kisses are what get all of us through those really tough days.

This is why it is so good to be prepared. At my house I have a medicine kit with all the essentials I could possibly need. Now when I say kit, that doesn’t mean its all boxed up, some things are in our medicine cabinet, others are already in her room. Basically its just newborn essentials that I keep on hand at all times so we can deal with any symptoms that may arise without having to leave the house. The last thing you want to do when your little one is feeling under the weather is drag them out if you don’t have to.

newborn baby medicine essentials
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How to make a newborn medicine kit

When building your medicine kit you will want to keep in mind a few key things:

The age and weight of your child

It is crucial when purchasing any medications, you buy those that safe for your child to use. The last thing any parent wants to do is accidentally harm their child when trying to make them feel better. A lot of over the counter medications will specify both an age and weight range for dosing of medications. A good rule of thumb is to administer based on the weight of your child. Always seek advice of a medical professional before administering medications for the first time!

Where you will store your medicine kit

As I said above, ours is kind of scattered all over the house. Some things you will want to be mindful of are:

  • Keeping medications locked up or out of reach
  • How the item will be used
  • Where the item is likely to be used

What to include in your newborn medicine kit

newborn baby medicine kit essentials

Infant/ children’s tylenol

Also known as acetaminophen, this is a must have item for any parent. From relieving fevers to soothing aches and pains – especially useful in teething babies – you need to have this in your newborn essentials.

Infant Motrin

This handy guy is an anti – inflammatory that can be used to reduce fever and aches and pains and lasts longer than other pain relievers.

Infant Benadryl

You never know when your child might have a severe allergic reaction to something. From trying new foods to playing outside they experience so many new things all which have the potential for an allergic reaction.

Infant Gravol

Stomach bug going around? Gravol can relieve nausea and vomiting in your little one.

nose frida

This disgusting little gadget is the best thing I have ever purchased. Seriously, it gets boogers out way better than those little bulb suction ones. Every chance I get I gift this to a new or expecting mom because it is seriously that good!

Saline Drops

Over the winter months when its much dryer these things work like magic to get out dried up boogers. They also moisten their little nostrils. Pro Tip: use them with the nose frida for added booger removal capabilities!

Baby Vaseline

Moisturizing, eczema treatment, diaper rash treatment and prevention, the list goes on and on. Get yourself some, it will definitely come in handy!


Not only is proper air moisture important for preventing SIDS, a humidifier can reduce congestion and help you breathe easier at night! Just make sure you follow the directions for cleaning and settings – no one wants to grow any mold!

Baby Vicks

Works similar to the adult vicks to clear up your congestion and provide soothing relief but its safe for babies! Depending on your humidifier there are also some vicks melts that you can throw in to use that way!

Vitamin D Drops

Most healthcare providers recommend vitamin D drops for all breastfeeding babies or over the winter months when no one is spending time outside.

If your pregnant and planning to breastfeed check out my post on preparing to breastfeed before baby arrives.

I like to purchase vitamin D drops that have the dose in only one drop or that you can add to breast milk or formula to make it much easier to administer. These ones are affordable, long lasting and fit both my requirements!

First Aid Kit

You never know when your little one will fall and get a cut or scrape that needs attention. You need to be prepared for these situations so you can deal with it quickly and effectively. Just be careful putting band aids, tape or other items on young children – they love to put everything in their mouths and we don’t want anyone choking!

Electric nail file

OMG these are the best. Clipping tiny little nails is so hard, and let me tell you, nothing makes you feel less competent as a parent than when you accidentally clip your baby’s skin. It is such a horrible feeling. Just don’t even waste your time or effort on clippers. This nail file here is affordable, durable, easy to use and can be used all the way up to the toddler phase!


How will you know if your little one has a fever if you can’t check it? Sure you can touch them and tell that they are warm, but how will you know they are TOO warm and need to go to the hospital to get assessed? From newborn to teen years, this is a tool you will use over and over again. Personally I like the Braun Brand, it is what we use in the hospital and they just make great products. This is the one we use, I love that it has a variety of age ranges on it and the screen changes color from red to green to indicate how high the fever is, making it super simple to use.

Gas Drops

Last on this list but certainly a very important item is gas drops. Personally I do not like gripe water as it is usually a mixture of alcohol and sugars – yuck! While some parents swear by it, its just not my jam.

When my baby has an upset tummy the Oval drops work wonders! They are over the counter and contain an actual medication proven to help infants pass their gas – simethicone. It is also effective for relief of colic per the manufacturer.


Make sure to keep any potentially harmful items out of reach from your baby! While they can all be useful this is only true if used correctly. Please seek advice from your healthcare provider before using any medications on your child.

Is there anything else you keep in your Newborn Medication Essentials Kit? I would love to hear from you in the comments!


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