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The Ultimate Amazon Father’s Day Gift Guide

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Every year I feel like I am rushing to come up with the perfect father’s day gift, but not this year! Now that I have a daughter and my husband is going to be celebrating his first Father’s Day I knew I had to be more prepared. Not that I wasn’t for my dad, but he literally only wants fishing and golf supplies so it is usually pretty easy, even to do last minute.

Unfortunately with everything going on in the world due to the pandemic it can be so challenging to find items in store. Not only that, but you don’t really want to be shopping around, or if you are like me, nothing is open in your area. Don’t worry though, Amazon is always open and I have found the perfect gifts for your husband, dad or grandpa!

fathers day gift for dad
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Father’s Day Gifts for The Tech Lover

Portable Speaker

My husband absolutely LOVES this Bose Bluetooth Portable Speaker. It is water resistant and features 360 degree sound. Plus you can have multiple devices linked up at once. And the sound on this thing is simply amazing. We typically use it when we have an outdoor BBQ bash and the battery lasts all night. He will not be disappointed.

Wireless Gaming Headset

Okay so my husband is an avid gamer, sigh. I know that by giving something like this to the dad in your life your will have to put up with him using them, but seriously my husband was like a kid on Christmas when he got this Corsair Gaming Headset. I haven’t personally used it but he literally cannot stop raving about this thing so I figured it should be on here!

Amazon Echo

Who doesn’t love Alexa now a days? It keeps your house in check with voice control for lights, thermostat, doors, etc; Keeps your family connected since it can be used as an intercom; plus it can play music with voice activation. The possibilities are seriously endless and the Echo Dot does it all!

Father’s Day Gifts For the Man Who Likes Adventures

Toiletry Bag

Both stylish and affordable, this gift is perfect for the man who likes to travel!

Travel Mug

What adventurer doesn’t need a reliable travel mug? From day trips to overnight excursions, this Yeti Travel Mug will keep his drink hot or cold for hours. Plus they are dishwasher safe, what can beat that?

Personalized Pocket Knife

Nothing screams “Dad” more than a personalized knife. This is especially true for the first time dad. I feel like it is almost a right of passage for them to have a pocket knife, but what is more memorable than having it engraved? I got this as a gift for my husband shortly after we had our daughter. The quality is amazing, plus engraving it makes it kind of cute – if you can say that about a knife!

A use anywhere propane grill

These little guys make grilling on the go so much simpler. Or you can use it like a regular propane grill! The options are endless with a Portable BBQ.

Father’s Day Gifts for the dad who likes to be pampered

Beard Oils

Help him keep his beard shiny, soft and smelling good with beard oils! The dad in your life will surely thank you when his mane isn’t dry and itchy anymore!

Electric Trimmer

With most hair salon’s being closed due to the pandemic, get him something that he can use to keep himself cleaned up. THIS multipurpose trimmer does it all from beards to head and the rest of the body. Plus there is no oil needed to keep it in good working condition!


What gift guide for Father’s Day could be complete without mentioning a comfy pair of slippers? Let the dad in your life comfort himself every morning or after a hard day’s work by sliding his feet into some pillowy softness!

Father’s day gifts for the man who knows his way around the kitchen

Coffee Grinder

What is better than some freshly ground bean, am I right? This Automatic Coffee Grinder is great, jut fill it up, pick your setting and walk away. Then brew some delicious coffee! Plus this might work out in your favor when you are able to drink freshly ground coffee on the daily!

Precision Cooker

Okay, this thing is seriously cool. Your chef in the kitchen will never under or overcook food again! Plus it comes with tons of recipe ideas and is Wifi compatible. The Precision Cooker is great for any skill level in the kitchen and can be used with the pots and cookware you already own!

Instant Pot

Okay, everyone raves about the Instant Pot, but it is for a good reason. It is simply amazing. It has simplified our lives SO MUCH. Just throw in your ingredients, set the pot and your off to a home cooked meal in as little as 5 minutes. What is better than that? This is a lifesaver especially if you have little kids at home.

Father’s Day Gifts for the dad who has everything

A Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are the gifts that keep on giving. From beer to hats and everything between there is a ton of options! Plus subscriptions don’t have to be expensive, My Gateway To Beauty Blog has an entire post on the best subscription boxes and they are all $30 or under! Check it out here.

Tile Mate

Does the dad in your life lose things contently? Put their mind at ease and give yourself a break from the endless searching with Tile Mates. These handy little guys can help you find just about anything!

Golf Balls

This one is sort of a tribute to my own father, but he swore that good quality golf balls would make his game even better.

Apple Watch Band

Give his apple watch a stylish makeover with these apple watch bands!

Fire pit

Okay this sounds kind of strange, but men just seem to like to burn things. Plus giving him a fire pit means you are also gifting him endless nights of family time sitting around the campfire! With summer quickly approaching this is sure to get some good use.

There you have it, the best Father’s Day gifts from amazon!

Do you have any other gift ideas for dad? I would love to hear from you in the comments!

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