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My Diaper Bag Essentials For A Newborn

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As a first time mom I honestly was very unaware on how much stuff I had to bring with me in my diaper bag every time I went out with my baby. Seriously, its nuts how much stuff those little bundles of joy actually require when you are out and about. After some (okay lot’s) of trial and error, I got it nailed down to an exact science. This is why I am sharing with you all of my diaper bag essentials for a newborn!

diaper bag essentials
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Our Diaper Bag

Choosing a diaper bag is more important than you think, so make sure you get one that meets all your needs! This one was pretty easy for me to pick out. I knew I wanted something durable, comfortable to carry, stayed on easily, had a large capacity and my husband would also be okay carrying. Price point was another big one for me, I didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a diaper bag. After Researching A LOT, we ended up purchasing the Hap Tim Diaper Bag Backpack and my husband and I both love it!

diaper bag essentials

This diaper bag is seriously awesome, it met and exceeded our expectations! Plus I love that it has the capacity to carry all the diaper bag essentials we need and still leaves me space to put my belongings so I don’t need to bring my purse as well. There is a reason it has a 5 star rating on Amazon! I will be doing an entire review about my diaper bag in the upcoming weeks including what I use to keep it organized so stay tuned for that! Don’t miss any new posts by signing up for our newsletter!

My Newborn Diaper Bag Essentials

The Basics

diaper bag essentials diapers, wipes, change pad, diaper cream

So let’s face it some of this stuff you know you need, I don’t want to waste either of our time blabbing on and on about it, but I will give just a quick overview of what I do, so stick with me for just a sec.


I keep enough in my diaper bag to last an entire day. I know that seems excessive, but you never know what might happen! Keeping a 24 hour supply ensures that you will not run out no matter what life likes to throw at you.


I always make sure that I have a full 64 count of wipes. You never know what kind of poop explosion you may be dealing with, so come prepared. You might think I’m exaggerating, but my daughter had a massive explosion in her carrier when we were nowhere near somewhere to buy wipes. It was gross and I was thankful I was prepared. Diapers and wipes are the basic must have baby items – never skimp on these.

Changing Pad

Let’s face it, public washrooms are gross. You do not want to put your baby down on those gross change tables they have. Keeping a portable changing pad in your diaper bag allows you to change your baby on the go on a clean surface, no matter where you are.

We use the J.J. Cole Changing Pad Clutch, it is relatively compact and has a space for diaper and wipes. This came in handy when we were travelling because I could leave the diaper bag with my husband (when I knew we weren’t dealing with a blow out) grab the clutch and head to the bathroom with my daughter.

Diaper Cream

I don’t know if this is every baby or just my daughter, but she can go from no diaper rash to being a little red in between changes. Thankfully we have never had a full blown diaper rash, but I think this is because we always treat it ASAP. Having diaper cream in our diaper bag means that we can deal with it immediately so it doesn’t worsen.

Hand Sanitizer

If you are like us and do a lot of day trips, you might have to change diapers in the car or not in a bathroom, keep those hands clean by having sanitizer handy in your diaper bag!

Disposable Bags

So you just finish changing your baby in the car, what do you do with the diaper? Keeping disposable bags in your diaper bag can eliminate that problem and the smell until you can get to a garbage can for proper disposal. We love the Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Bag Dispenser for this.

A wet bag

After a poop explosion or pee leaking you will want somewhere to put the dirty clothes. Keeping a wet bag in your diaper bag is the perfect solution to this because you throw the clothes in and you can still keep it in the diaper bag without making everything else dirty. As a bonus, it will also come in handy for things like wet bathing suits once they are older. Just don’t forget to take the soiled or wet items out when you get home!

Baby Clothes

diaper bag essentials baby clothes

No diaper bag would be complete without a change of clothes for your baby! Personally, I like to keep it easy and just bring a one piece outfit that is suitable for the weather conditions. Sleepers are my go to here. This helps keep my diaper bag organized too.

The only exception to this is if I am going to something where my daughter needs to be dressed up, on these rare occasions, I will pack another suitable outfit. Otherwise, simplicity is key here because if you are using said spare outfit, you likely were just dealing with a less than ideal situation. So do yourself a favor and utilize the simple outfits here.

Feeding Supplies

diaper bag breastfeeding supplies

I breastfeed, so a lot of this will pertain to what I needed in my diaper bag to nurse on the go. If you are bottle feeding, I would suggest adding in any formula or distilled water you might need in addition to these items.

If you are planning to breastfeed you absolutely need to check out my post on HOW TO PREPARE FOR BREASTFEEDING WHILE YOU ARE PREGNANT.

Receiving Blanket/ Burp Cloth

Personally, I like to bring a receiving blanket with me over a burp cloth. They are bigger and absorb better, which is what I want when I am out and about! Plus they can double as a blanket or nursing cover if needed.

Nipple Cream

It is so important to protect those nips even if you are on the go. Dry, chapped, sore nipples will last a lot longer than your outing did, so just bring the darn nipple cream in your diaper bag!

Disposable Breast Pads

I had a very overactive letdown, and was prone to lots of leakage, which was not ideal when on the go. Thankfully disposable breast pads are pretty absorbent and easy to dispose of even if you are out and about. I found the Lansinoh Stay Dry Disposable Breast Pads to be the most reliable and the only brand I didn’t leak through with.

Nursing Cover

I didn’t really care if I was exposed while nursing in pregnant, I am a firm believer that women should be able to feed their baby anywhere they need too without being judged. With that said many women like to be covered up while they feed their baby as a personal choice which is totally fine!

I actually kept a nursing cover in my diaper bag because my daughter was so easily distracted during feeds. This just resulted in me spraying both of us with milk. The solution? A nursing cover. I always used one for this reason alone. My favorite were the nursing covers that also double as a carseat cover because I am big on not bringing more than I need!

Water and Snacks

This might seem silly but breastfeeding makes you both thirsty and hungry basically 24/7. Keeping a water bottle and some granola bars in the diaper bag was an awesome way to make sure that I was taking care of myself so I could keep taking care of my daughter.


Occasionally, my husband would go out with my daughter when I wasn’t there, or breastfeeding wouldn’t be possible with what we were doing. So, I would bring pumped milk in bottles and keep it in the diaper bag since it had an insulated bottle holder built in.


diaper bag essentials

These are the other items that I keep in my diaper bag at all times, even if they don’t get used for every outing. We have learned the hard way that when we don’t have them we always wound up needing them so they have simply become diaper bag essentials.

Gas Drops

Our daughter had awful reflux, and the Oval Drops were a complete life saver for her, and us, at times.

Check out my post on MAKING YOUR NEWBORN MEDICINE KIT for other items and medications that might be useful to keep on hand for your baby.


Little babies can’t just blow their nose, we would always keep on hand a bulb nasal aspirator just in case we needed it. Oh the joys of being a parent!


In addition to refux, our daughter had a lot of issues with spit up. Keeping a spare bib or two in the diaper bag allowed us to change just the bib instead of her entire outfit, which was much easier on the go!

Pacifier and clip

We always had a “diaper bag pacifier”. Basically it was just a pacifier that we never took out of the diaper bag unless we were out. This way we would never leave home without one. Having a clip comes in handy because you don’t want your pacifier to fall on the ground or touch something dirty accidentally.

Pacifier Wipes

Even with a pacifier clip, sometimes those soothers still come into contact with things you would rather not put in your babies mouth. Pacifier wipes are a great on the go solution to keeping your pacifier clean in these situations. We always keep a pack in our diaper bag!

Extra Shirt For Mom and or Dad

Spit up and leaky boobs happen when you least expect it. Keeping a spare shirt for both parents in the diaper bag can help you out of a tough situation.

There you have it! All my must newborn diaper bag essentials!

diaper bag essentials

What do you like to keep in your diaper bag? I would love to hear from you in the comments!

diaper bag essentials


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