8 Things I Should Have Done Before Getting Pregnant

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Are you trying to get pregnant? Make sure you do these 8 things before trying to conceive your baby!

“First comes love then comes marriage then comes…..” Okay we TOTALLY didn’t do things in “proper” order! But no matter when or why you choose to have a baby, it is such a huge life altering yet amazing experience.

Our decision to get pregnant

Before my husband and I conceived our little bundle of joy, we were at that point in our lives where literally ALL our friends were starting to get pregnant and have babies. And let me tell you, when that happens the pressure is on from the grandparents- to – be.

Anyways, we weren’t getting any younger and both had a love for babies, so we figured why not take the plunge? Of course, it was a more in-depth conversation than that but ultimately we were ready to stop preventing conception so I stopped my birth control.

Well wasn’t I in complete and udder shock when I got that positive line on my pregnancy test just ONE MONTH after we stopped trying to avoid pregnancy. There were SO many things my husband and I wish we both considered BEFORE I got pregnant – and I am going to share them with you here.

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Things to do before getting pregnant

Must do things before getting pregnant

Seriously, these would have been such a game changer for both of us!

Stop drinking Alcohol

Okay, okay, I know this one is a no brainer but hear me out. I KNOW you are not supposed to drink while pregnant as I am sure you do to, but I wish I had stopped before becoming pregnant. Pre-pregnancy I used to indulge in a glass of wine here and there with dinner – nothing too crazy – but I did enjoy it quite a bit. It was insane how much I missed this simple thing once I wasn’t allowed to have it anymore. I found myself drinking juice out of a wine glass just to help myself cope near the end. So in reality, as a mama – to – be, your going to be giving it up anyway, so do yourself a favor and get used to not having it before you get pregnant. Plus apparently consuming less alcohol aids in preparing your body to conceive that beautiful baby so it’s a win win!

Start Exercising

Before getting pregnant I was a true Netflix binging, couch potato. Don’t get me wrong, working as a nurse I was certainly active there, but on my days off I loved to curl up and relax. Well fast forward to my first prenatal appointment and a huge portion of it was spent discussing the importance of a healthy lifestyle and inquiring if I was already doing this. I wasn’t overly shocked by this because as a nurse I go through that whole song and dance with my patients – I guess I just figured since I was a healthy weight for my height, I didn’t need to worry about it. WRONG. Don’t be like me! It would have been so much easier to start exercising before the morning sickness an exhaustion kicked in. So, get off that couch and find something you like to do before getting pregnant. Or if you’re like me, try and force yourself to do it in between the trips to the bathroom. Even just going for a walk three times a week will have its benefits.

Get a Checkup

If you are anything like me, I am sure you avoid unnecessary visits to the doctor at all costs. But it is so important though to make sure that you have no underlying health conditions you are unaware of before getting pregnant. Of course, I didn’t do this either and then at my first prenatal appointment we discussed all the things they wanted to make sure I didn’t have to ensure a healthy pregnancy. After getting my pap smear (ugh), bloodwork, and urine tests I went home running all the possibilities through my head about what would happen if something was wrong. I had such a stressful couple of days worrying about my babies well being and all of this could have just been avoided had I made an appointment and discussed trying to conceive with my doctor before I got pregnant. Yes, everything turned out okay thanks for asking!

Plan Financially

This one might seem like a no brainer too, but we really did not discuss too much about finances prior to me becoming pregnant. We had some savings and knew I would get a maternity leave from work, so we didn’t really put too much thought into it. Then the second trimester hit, and we started making all these purchases and let me tell you – babies are expensive. For such tiny humans they need so many different things, even if you take a minimalist approach to it like we did. Then there are other things like the cost of giving birth in the hospital, childcare, a decrease of income if one or both parents is off work, unexpected expenses, etc. Planning for this before conceiving would have made for a much less stressful pregnancy. 

Plan Your Living Arrangements

Do you live in a crammed one-bedroom bachelor apartment? What about a house in a bad school zone? It is a good idea to look at your current living situation and see if it meets your future needs. Maybe this is not something you can fix immediately but at least having the discussion with your spouse now can give you a goal to work towards. Because let me tell you, moving is not easy and it is much harder with kids!


I know earlier in this post I told you to get out there and move but get some sleep to. Sleep is so important to your health and it will be altered during your pregnancy and then with the arrival of your sweet bundle of joy – so take advantage of getting shut eye now!

Look into your Insurance

If you don’t have any, I suggest looking into it – babies are expensive. If you do have insurance, it would be worthwhile to call them and get information on what will be covered as well as what you will be expected to pay. The last thing you want is a surprise hospital bill for thousands of dollars.

Prepare to be Pregnant

Pregnancy isn’t always a beautiful glow and a perfectly round bump. From the first trimester morning sickness to the third trimester bathroom trips it can be so challenging. Thankfully there are things that you can do to prepare yourself for it.

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Do you have any other ideas on things to do before getting pregnant? Let me know! I would love to hear from you in the comments!


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